Ensure the Next U.S. President is Committed to Ambitious Global Health Funding Over the Next Four Years

We are attending the campaign rallies of 2016's presidential contenders and asking our next potential president to commit the U.S. to the funding of Global Health. We want our next president to verbally commit to and sign Partners In Health's Pledge saying, 

I commit to leading an effort to bring development, security, equity and justice to impoverished people in countries struggling with health crises, including achievement of an AIDS-free generation by meeting global targets to doubling the numbers currently on life-saving treatment to at least 30 million people by 2020, eliminating mother-to-child HIV transmission, as well as ending tuberculosis by 2035, and strengthening the health systems in countries hard-hit by AIDS, TB, and malaria enough to sustain these benefits and protect the globe from deadly new outbreaks.