Our Mission

Partners In Health Engage is committed to building the Right to Health movement. This movement is dedicated to the idea that all individuals have a fundamental economic, social, and cultural right to a universal standard of health. This has been endorsed in the United Nations Universal Declaration of Human Rights, but is still lacking in practice.

Our campaign seeks to grow the movement’s power and direct that power toward building new resources, generating public discourse, and changing ineffective policies. We do this through:

  1. Advocacy through presidential candidates and our members of Congress to encourage policy change.
  2. Fundraising to support Partners in Health (PIH)'s innovative health systems in Haiti, Rwanda, the Navajo Nation in the US, and many other areas around the world.
  3. Education and awareness about changing the culture of public discourse to one that believes in the right to health.
  4. Impassioning the student community to understand global health as a pressing issue that requires interdisciplinary action and a worthwhile endeavor for the myriad talents of the Harvard student body.
  5. Exposing students to innovation in global health care delivery, particularly through PIH’s model of creating horizontal health systems.

PIH is unique in its health systems strengthening approach to enact lasting change. It has already been successful in creating sustainable healthcare in communities that previously were deemed "impossible" - too rural, too remote, or too poor, to help. Harvard College Engage’s support will help continue this horizontal approach to global healthcare delivery in the present day, and in the future.

PIH Engage at Senator Warren's office